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Products to help fight COVID-19

According to research, they have an immunostimulating effect, improve blood circulation, reduce the likelihood of blood clots and promote breathing, while being natural antioxidants. It was noted that with Covid-19, and a diagnosed decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood, the powder form of Dihydroquercetin is able to raise the level of oxygen in the blood by 3-8% within a few minutes after oral administration. The effect has a duration of up to 4 hours.

Natural immunostimulant Arabinogalactan VitaRost

(Metallized Doypack with Ziplock 200 grams)

Natural antioxidant Dihydroquercetin VitaRost

(50 gram can, 92%+ purity)

Natural antioxidant Dihydroquercetin VitaRost 

(Can 5 grams, Purity 92%+ )

Natural antioxidant Larix Power, Dihydroquercetin Powder, dietary supplement

( Dihydroquercetin Powder, dietary supplement, 10 grams in a can, Purity 92%+) 

Natural antioxidant Larix Power extra, Capsulated

(Dihydroquecetin, dietary supplement, 4 grams, 40 capsules in a can, Purity 92%+)

Natural antioxidant Larix Power extra& Phospholipids, capsules

(Essential phospholipids + Dihydroquercetin, dietary supplements, 60 capsules in a can)