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Robios Llc company

Moscow Office: Dorogobujskaya street 14, Building 11
Production site: Russian Federation, City of Serpuchov,
142204, Severnoe shosse 16

Advanced Technologies Llc company

Production of the dietary supplement  ‘Taxifolin aqua’ and cosmetic gels: ‘Taxifolin gel’, ‘Larix sibirika gel’ within the framework of the Society’s program: ‘Development and production of medical products for the prevention of socially significant diseases and antiaging.’

Currently tests are being carried out of the action of the BAA ‘Taxifolin Aqua’ supplement to stop side effects and complications in people with Covid-19. The results of the tests will be reported further.

119334, Moscow, Bardin Street 4, building 1
General Director
Ananyan Mikhail Arsenovich
Tel: 8(499)1358090
Tel: 8(903)9614746

Call us

Tel: +7 (903) 612 64 79 WhatsApp Tel: +7 (916) 835 46 71 WhatsApp Tel: +7 (495) 223 64 91 доб 213



Robios Llc company Serpukhov, Severnoye shosse 16, 142204, Russia