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Contr-Covid19 Program

The coronavirus pandemic continues to move across the planet. Somewhere the situation is improving, and somewhere a new, second, third wave of COVID-19 is expected. Vaccines have been developed and a huge number of people have already been vaccinated, but as long-term statistics show, the development of a truly effective and, most importantly, safe vaccine for everyone takes many years. Probably, the solutions that have appeared in recent years will not be optimal.

However, there are other approaches. Completely natural and safe. For example, the use of natural ingredients to strengthen immunity and counteract both the risk of infection and simplify the course of the disease. One of the proven and research-based anti-COVID-19 agents is a natural antioxidant called Dihydroquercetin. It is produced mainly from the Daurian and Siberian larch trees. In the rest of the world, the product is also known as TAXIFOLIN. In some countries, pharmaceutical preparations containing Dihydroquercetin have already been developed, which are used in combination with other drugs to treat the coronavirus COVID19 and to reduce the risk of infection.

Global studies of Dihydroquercetin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 coronavirus

Unique studies of Dihydroquercetin in the complex therapy of COVID-19 are collected on one portal

Access to original research texts in English and ready-made machine translation in Russian

Robios company

This program has been prepared and is managed by Robios Llc, one of the key manufacturers of Dihydroquercetin and Arabinogalactan in Russia. Our team of scientists is engaged in Internet searches, analysis, systematization and popularization of existing scientific research on countering COVID-19. We are pleased to invite other manufacturers of these unique natural ingredients to join this program, we encourage them to exchange information and make it publicly available.